Company team

Team members consist of Central RD, Project RD, QA and RD Lab members from TPK
  General Manager/Dr. James Lee  

2006~2007 Established production line for iPhone 1 and iPod Touch in TPK.
2007 Handling G2 photo-etching in-line facility for SITO, the first in-line SITO facility in the world.
2008 Introduced and leaded SITO TP into mass production for RIM、palm、Samsung and MEIZUE
2014 Invented full strength OGS (Called ATOLIC or STOL in TPL) process and lead into mass product.
2014~2016 as TPK CTO, 2015 invented and developed fusion bonding 3D glass
2016 Founded UNI3D
  VP/Black Lin 
TPK Central RD/Advance Technology manager
Developed the first touch panel module using liquid adhesive (LOCA) for palm Pre
2014 Developed full strength OGS process into mass product and reached 80% yield.
2015 Developed mass production process for fusion bonding
2016 as one of the UNI3D founder
  Quality Chief Director/Tim Wang 
Senior quality manager since iPhone1 in TPK
As senior quality manager serving Meizu、iPhone、Amazon、Micosoft、Moto、Dell、HTC、Asus、Acer、Sony
  Design Manager/Oldcat Lai  
Product design team leader in TPK for 5 years
Project manager serving LGE
  Project Manager/Andy Luo  
PME serving MEIZU,OPPO for years
PME in charge of China account